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Saturday, April 17, 2021 
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News Items

Extra! Extra! Read all about QuickStart Tennis!

Articles/Media Coverage

Lake Monticello Lake Views  -- 6/20/2019

Interview on WINA -- 1/19/2019 (starts eight minutes in)

Interview at Charlottesville Men's Pro Challenger Tournament -- 10/26/2018

QuickStart Tennis Celebrates Celebrates 10th Anniversary-- Newsplex (ABC, CBS, Fox), 9/25/2018

Greer Elementary Celebrates 10 Years of Tennis Program -- NBC 29, 9/25/2018

SML Tennis Comes to Moneta Elementary -- SM Laker Weekly, 5/15/2018

Youknighted Tennis Club, Learning Lifelong Skills -- Buckingham Beacon, April 2018

QuickReStart Gets Kudos at The Lodge at Old Trail -- The Lodger, August/September 2017

QuickStart Tennis of Central Virginia Promotes the Love of Tennis! -- Forest Lakes Neighbors, August 2017

QuickStart Helps Local Students Study Tennis -- Martinsville Bulletin, 3/5/2017

QuickStart Brings Tennis Back to the Community -- The Harvest Foundation (Martinsville, VA), 2/23/2017

Southside Area Tennis Association Now Forming -- The Enterprise (Stuart, VA), 2/22/2017

Tennis a Hit with Patrick Springs Pre-K -- The Enterprise (Stuart, VA) 2/8/2017

Press Releases and News

QCV Receives Grant from CAPTRUST Community Foundation -- 4/12/2021

Stony Point Elementary Kindergartners Get Books and Giveaways -- 4/8/2021

Rockfish River Kindergartners Get Scholastic Books and Giveaways -- 4/2/2021

Kindergartners at Crozet Elementary Get Scholastic Books -- 3/31/2021

Cumberland Kindergartners to Get Scholastic Book and Giveaways -- 3/29/2021

Go Bananas! Role Model Sara O'Leary Gets 100th Win as Head Coach -- 3/25/2021

Cumberland County Continues to Amaze with Scholastic Books -- 3/23/2021

Appomattox Primary Preschoolers Receive Scholastic Books -- 3/19/2021

Kathy McCutcheon Named Teacher of the Year -- 3/17/2021

Nathanael Greene Primary Kids Celebrate Read Across America Week -- 3/15/2021

QCV Receives Grant from Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge -- 3/10/2021

QuickStart Tennis Book Grant Puts Smiles on Faces -- 3/8/2021

BrightSTARS at Stone-Robinson Play Tennis during COVID -- 3/4/2021

Preschoolers and Kindergartners in Greene County Get Books -- 3/1/2021

Cumberland Elementary Preschoolers Get First Book -- 2/1/2021

QCV Makes Scholastic Book Grant to Cumberland Elementary -- 1/25/2021

Soho Center Donates Books for BrightSTARS -- 1/15/2021

QCV's Racquets for Reading!!! Counteracts COVID Challenges -- 1/11/2021

Racquets for Reading!!! Receives Community Impact Grant from Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia -- 12/28/2020

Racquets for Reading!!! Grant for Madison Primary Preschoolers -- 12/21/2020

QCV Partners with Soho Center for Greer Elementary -- 12/4/2020

Preschoolers in Patrick County Receive Books -- 11/20/2020

Preschoolers in Patrick County to Receive Scholastic Books -- 11/10/2020

Preschoolers Receive Their First Scholastic Book Club Book -- 10/28/2020

QuickStart Publishes 2020 Annual Report -- 10/26/2020

QuickStart PE Teacher Named Mid-Atlantic PE Teacher of the Year -- 9/29/2020

Little Joe Chickapig and QCV Support Preschoolers during COVID-19 -- 8/19/2020

Stone-Robinson BrightSTARS Enjoy QCV Literacy Grant -- 3/12/2020

Mountaintop Montessori Hops on the QuickStart Bus -- 3/9/2020

QCV Holds Net Generation Training Session for Albemarle County -- 3/2/2020

QCV Sends Tennis Ball Lettuce Seeds to Schools -- 2/21/2020

QCV Surprises Crozet Head Start Class with Books and Balls -- 2/18/2020

Soho Provides Books for BrightSTARS on Valentine's Day -- 2/18/2020

QCV Adds Two Members to Board of Volunteers -- 2/7/2020

Soho Provides Books for BrightSTARS -- Tennis for Me! Kids -- 1/13/2020

Go Bananas! Visit to Head Start at Crozet Elementary -- 11/25/2019

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Bassett High School in Henry County -- 11/20/2019

New Community Tennis Association for Western Albemarle County --11/8/2019

Crozet Elementary Celebrates 10 Years of QuickStart Tennis -- 11/1/2019

QCV Annual Report Highlights Ten Years of Kid-sized Tennis -- 10/25/2019

Apples for Aces Visit Three Schools -- 10/17/2019

Apples for Aces at Crozet Elementary -- 10/16/2019

Apples for Aces at Stone-Robinson Elementary -- 10/16/2019

Apples for Aces at Greer Elementary -- 10/15/2019

QCV at Fifth Family Fitness Night at Thomas Jefferson Elementary -- 10/10/2019

QCV Publishes 46th Go Bananas for QuickStart! Card -- 10/10/2019

Cale BrightSTARS Receive Their Second Books -- 10/2/2019

QCV Wraps Up Tenth Year of Service -- 9/24/2019

Cale BrightSTARS Receive First Books-- 9/1/2019

QCV Makes Reading Grant to Cale BrightSTARS Classroom -- 8/26/2019

QCV Receives Grant from CAPTRUST Community Foundation -- 8/7/2019

Crozet Kids at Citi Open Kids Day -- 7/31/2019

Go Bananas! at Crozet Elementary Kindergarten Camp -- 7/19/2019

Net Gen Tennis Camp Wraps Up Second Year in King George County -- 7/1/2019

Go Bananas! Visit to SuperStarters Summer Camp at WAHS -- 6/27/2019

Triple C Camp Adds Tennis to Summer Activities -- 6/24/2019

24 Kids Participate in New Tennis Programs at Lake Monticello -- 6/21/2019

QCV Attends BrightSTARS Shindig at Stone-Robinson Elementary-- 6/6/2019

QCV Hosts Net Generation Community Workshop in Fluvanna -- 5/20/2019

REV YOUR BEV DAY at Crozet Elementary -- 5/13/2019

Net Generation Workshop in Fluvanna County -- 5/11/2019

Crozet Tennis Day at Crozet Elementary -- 5/2/2019

Banana Blitz at Brownsville Elementary -- 5/2/2019

Red Ball Tennis League Kicks Off (Finally!!!) -- 4/30/2019

School Visit to Cale Elementary by Lorraine Guillermo, player at Boar's Head Resort Women's Open -- 4/23/2019

School Visit to Greer Elementary by Natasha Subhash, player at Boar's Head Resort Women's Open -- 4/22/2019

YouKnighted Tennis Club in Buckingham County -- 4/12/2019

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Crozet ES Afterschool Program -- 3/27/2019

QCV at Kids in the Kitchen for Tenth Year --3/22/2019

QCV at Crozet Elementary Community Night for "Tennis Time, Let's Move It!"-- 3/21/2019

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Crozet Elementary After-School Program
-- 3/21/2019

Tennis Tuesdays Wrap Up at Baker-Butler Elementary
-- 2/28/2019

QCV Does Go Bananas! Blitz with UVA Tennis Coach
-- 1/30/2019


Go Bananas for QuickStart! Role Model Now in Top 25 in the World -- 1/29/2019

BrightStars Finish First Sessions of School Year -- 12/6/2018

QCV's Seventh Year at Family Fitness Night at Trevilians Elementary
-- 11/9/2018

QCV Annual Report Highlights Ninth Year of Kid-sized Tennis
-- 11/5/2018

Men's Pro Challenger Players Visit Baker-Butler Elementary-- 10/31/2018

Second Year of Apples for Aces -- 10/26/2018

BrightSTARS - Tennis for Me! Resumes in Albemarle County -- 10/10/2018

Get A Kid on a Kid-Sized Court! at Stone-Robinson Elementary -- 10/1/2018

QuickStart Tennis Celebrates 10 Years at Greer Elementary -- 9/27/2018

Go Bananas for QuickStart! Sponsors Wanted -- 8/27/2018

QuickStart Tennis to Celebrate 10th Anniversary at Greer Elementary -- 8/20/2018

BrightSTARS -- Tennis for Me! Training in Madison County -- 8/16/2018

First Session of Net Generation Summer Tennis Camps Wraps Up in King George County --7/2/2018

Preschool Tennis Training in Madison County set for August 6 -- 7/2/2018

BrightSTARS Sessions at Stone-Robinson Elementary Wrap Up -- 6/12/2018

Spring Sessions Wrap Up at Southwood Boys & Girls Club -- 5/31/2018

Jump Start QuickStart in Patrick County -- 5/22/2018

BrightSTARS -- Tennis for Me! Wraps Up at Woodbrook Elementary -- 5/21/2018

SML Tennis Gets Kids Moving at Smith Mountain Lake -- 5/8/2018

Rev Your Bev Day at the Boyd Tinsley Clay Court Classic -- 4/27/2018

QCV to Celebrate Rev Your Bev Day -- 4/24/2018

Tinsley Pros read to BrightSTARS at Greer Elementary -- 4/24/2018

Tinsley Pro Jules Elbaba reads to BrightSTARS at Cale Elementary -- 4/23/2018

Fifth Annual Crozet Tennis Day is Best Yet! -- 4/23/2018

Afterschool Programs Kicks off at Southwood Boys & Girls Club -- 4/12/2018

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Smith Mountain Lake YMCA -- 4/4/2018

QCV Steps Up as a Sponsor of Boyd Tinsley Clay Court Classic -- 3/26/2018

QCV Participates in Kids in the Kitchen for the Eighth Year -- 3/17/2018

QCV Receives Grant for Jump Start QuickStart in King George County --3/15/2018

QCV helps Jump Start QuickStart Tennis in King George County -- 3/8/2018

Jump Start QuickStart Receives Grant to Equip Dudley Elementary School in Franklin County -- 2/9/2018

Jump Start QuickStart Tennis Initiative Receives Grant for Franklin and Patrick Counties -- 1/19/2018

BrightSTARS - Tennis for Me! Teaches Physical Literacy -- 12/18/2017

BrightSTARS Receives Grant from QuickStart Tennis Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation -- 12/14/2017

BrightSTARS Wraps Up Fall Sessions -- 12/11/2017

QuickStart Tennis Receives Grant from Inez Duff Bishop Charitable Trust -- 12/5/2017

Family Fitness Night at Trevilians Elementary -- 11/9/2017

QuickStart Rocks the Gym at Thomas Jefferson Elementary - 11/9/2017

BrightSTARS - Tennis for Me! a Hit at Stone-Robinson Elementary - 11/7/2017

QCV Annual Report Highlights Eighth Year of FUN for Kids -- 10/25/2017

Equipment for Callaway Elementary Thanks to Sheetz -- 10/17/2017

BrightSTARS - Tennis for Me! Kicks Off at Stone-Robinson Elementary -- 10/16/2017

BrightSTARS - Tennis for Me! Resumes at Cale Elementary - 10/16/2017

BrightSTARS - Tennis for Me! Kicks Off at Agnor-Hurt Elementary -- 10/13/2017

BrightSTARS -- Tennis for Me! Kicks Off at Woodbrook Elementary -- 10/11/2017

Carter Mountain Orchard Supports Apple for Aces - 10/5/2017

QuickStart PRO Chris Cubbage Gets Kudos at The Lodge at Old Trail -- 9/4/2017

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Callaway Elementary -- 8/22/2017

QCV Makes Equipment Grants to Burnt Chimney and Boones Mill Elementary Schools -- 8/3/2017

Second Year of QuickStart at Shrine Mont Concludes -- 7/31/2017

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Westover Christian Academy - 7/31/2017

Franklin County Tennis Clinic, Second Session -- 7/26/2017

QCV Receives Grant from Party Parade Fund - 7/19/2017

Franklin County Tennis Clinic, First Session -- 7/12/2017

Franklin County to Hold FREE Tennis Clnic for Kids -- 7/9/2017

QS Tennis Time Summer Camp Thrives and Grows - 6/29/2017

First Year of BrightSTARS at Grove Park Preschool Wraps Up -- 5/30/2017

Kindergarten Tennis Club at St. Anne's-Belfield -- 5/25/2017

Third Annual Tennis Field Day for BrightSTARS at Greer Elementary - 5/15/2017

Tennis Ball Lettuce Party at Crozet Elementary -- 5/9/2017

Tennis is Thriving at Clearview Early Childhood Center -- 4/25/2017

QCV Makes Equipment Grant to Glade Hill Elementary -- 4/23/2017

Third Annual Tennis Day at Crozet Elementary - 4/17/2017

QCV Completes PreK Go Bananas! Mini-Blitz in March -- 3/30/2017

QuickStart Tennis Rocks Gym at Kids in the Kitchen -- 3/25/2017

QS Tennis Time Growing Tennis in Prince Edward County - 3/9/2017

Donor Update for Henry County and City of Martinsville -- 3/2/2017

Tasty Tennis for Kids 4 to 8 on Jack Jouett Courts -- 2/27/2017

Donor Update for Pittsylvania County and City of Danville -- 2/22/2017

QCV Makes Equipment Grants to Henry and Snow Creek Elementary Schools -- 2/10/2017

Collins Wealth Management Founding Sponsor for Southside Tennis -- 2/6/2017

Southside Area Tennis Association Now Forming! -- 2/6/2017

Bama Works Fund Makes Grant to Go Bananas for QuickStart! -- 2/2/2017

QCV Equips Four More Schools in Southside Virginia -- 2/1/2017

QCV Receives Community Foundation of the Dan River Region Grant -- 1/27/2017

Tennis Continues to Grow in Southside Virginia -- 1/11/2017

More Schools in Henry County Equipped -- 1/9/2017

For News Items before 2017, click here.

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