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Wednesday, July 24, 2024 
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Resources for PE Teachers and Tennis Coaches

Tennis Teaching/Coaching Resources

Below are links to curriculum guides, lesson plans, videos, how-tos and teaching aids -- everything you will need to get tennis going in your school or in after-school and out-of-school programs.

powered by Foundation Tennis

U. S. Tennis Association (USTA) Resources

Register as a Provider with the USTA and receive these Tennis for School Teachers benefits. The USTA's Net Generation provides equipment and access to the new curricula developed by USTA and SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators). Teach the Sport for Life!

Try our Innovative Tennis & Nutrition Immersion Formats

  • BrightSTARS -- Tennis for Me! for preschoolers HERE.
  • Tennis Tuesdays for second-graders HERE.

USTA Tennis Teaching Resources

powered by Foundation Tennis USTA Physical Education Station Signs

Station signs are great tools to manage large groups in the gym or on the blacktop. Print the signs and laminate them for long-term use.

powered by Foundation Tennis No Tennis Courts . . . NO Problem! HERE (video)

  • Setting up play areas

powered by Foundation Tennis Maximize Play Spaces for Tennis HERE

  • Tennis Activity Zones
  • Tennis Four-Square Zones
  • Tennis Game Zones

powered by Foundation Tennis QuickStart for Tots & Tykes (Ages 3-4) HERE

  • Lesson plans for Pre-K kids
  • Format has been used with Bright Stars and Head Start kids
  • It's never too early to start working on motor skills and creating a love of physical activity!!!

powered by Foundation Tennis QuickStart Practice Plans (Ages 5-10) HERE

  • Original lesson plans for the QuickStart Tennis format, introduced in February 2008
  • AKA 10 & Under Tennis, Youth Tennis, Net Generation (latest incarnation)

powered by Foundation Tennis Learn to Rally & Play Practice Plans (Ages 5-17) HERE
Age-appropriate, detailed practice plans for coaches and teachers

powered by Foundation Tennis After-School Tennis Program "How-To" HERE

  • After-school instructional programs
  • School Intramurals
  • Sports Club model
  • High School tennis teams

powered by Foundation Tennis Kids' Tennis Club Format
A FUN format for after-school or out-of-school programming
These short videos provide a step-by-step overview.

  • Video #1 (Start a Kids Tennis Club) HERE
  • Video #2 (Setting up a Play Area)  HERE
  • Video #3 (Role of the Play Supervisor) HERE
  • Video #4 (Skill-building Activities) HERE
  • Video #5 (Tennis Games) HERE
  • Video #6 (Sportsmanship) HERE
  • Video #7 (Technique Tips) HERE
  • Video #8 (Rally Modifications)  HERE

powered by Foundation Tennis "Piggy Banks for PE" Fundraiser Model HERE

  • A FUN way to raise money for PE equipment and programs
  • Get teachers and students involved in a FUN, competitive approach to fundraising
powered by Foundation Tennis Starter Rally Practices HERE
  • Cone Toss Tennis, Big Ball Tennis, Tap Up Rally, One Cone/One Racquet Rally, Trap & Hit
  • Court progression -- 1/4, 3/4 and full

powered by Foundation Tennis Drills for Juniors HERE

The Tennis Pathway (progression from red ball to orange ball to green dot ball to yellow ball) starts in PE!

HEIGHT MATTERS . . . please make sure your students use the appropriate size racquet! And a racquet that's a little too short is better than too long!




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