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Thursday, August 16, 2018 
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Go Bananas for QuickStart! Campaign

Want to be a great tennis player? 
Eat like a great tennis player!

That's the motto of Go Bananas for QuickStart! QCV created this campaign in 2009 to address childhood obesity and physical inactivity in kids and help create happier, healthier and more active kids by using tennis players as nutritional role models.

According to research by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, over 30 percent of the kids in Virginia are overweight or obese. While Virginia ranks 25th in childhood obesity, the 10 percent increase in obesity over the past decade is the highest of any state.

Additional research offers some terrific insight. 70% of childhood obesity is attributable to physical inactivity. 25% is due to nutrition. (That means Go Bananas! can address 95% of the problem!) The remainder is due to genetics. Also, 70% of overweight or obese kids grow up to be overweight or obese adults. 70% of obese kids already have indications of cardio-vascular disease. This fact is one of the most disturbing -- 70% of parents are in denial about their kid's being overweight or obese. Someone outside the family needs to help kids fall in love with physicial activity and healthy eating! Kids need to Go Bananas!

The QuickStart Tennis format includes tennis instruction and fitness/conditioning activities. Go Bananas for QuickStart! supplements the kid-sized Quickstart format with another element, nutrition/hydration, presented in the same FUN and engaging QuickStart way. The Go Bananas! model is simple -- ROLE MODEL, REINFORCE and REWARD.

          Go Bananas! Poster

QCV performs Go Bananas! school visits through of the year. Check out some recent school visits here. After the Go Bananas! "talk," each kid is given a Go Bananas! poster, a debossed silicone bracelet and a Go Bananas! card that features UVa tennis players and coaches and describes a variety of foods and eating habits. "Why do tennis players eat bananas?" "Why do tennis players drink water?" Kids who correctly answer nutrition and tennis questions are given prizes such as Go Bananas! drawstring bags, water bottles, hats, sunglasses, balls and racquets.

We LOVE to do Banana Blitzes! That's how we deliver the Go Bananas! message to kids.
Back-to-School Blitz
Blitz #2
Spring Blitz
More Blitzin
Summer Blitz

QCV also attends school and community events -- Family Fitness Nights, Open Houses and Back-to-School Nights at schools, community health fairs, the Junior League's annual Kids in the Kitchen event at the Boys & Girls Club and Charlottesville Family Magazine's annual Fun Fair & Camp Expo. Check it out here!

QCV collaborates with nutritionists and dieticians at the UVA Children's Fitness Clinic to ensure the nutritional information being passed along to the kids is right.

The Go Bananas for QuickStart! poster and giveaways for kids are made possible by the generosity of the BAMA Works Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, GAMMA Sports, UVa Athletics (Men's and Women's Tennis Teams), Wegmans, ACAC Fitness & Wellness, uprinting.com and Roy Wheeler Realty .

QuickStart Tennis adds up for kids! Check out the Go Bananas! QuickStart Arithmetic card here.

Check out all of our Go Bananas! cards:

Why do tennis players eat  . . .

  Bananas?  Brian Boland, UVa Men's Tennis Coach 
Water?   Dom Inglot
  Apples?  Michael Shabaz
  Carrots? Lindsey Hardenbergh
  Berries? Houston Barrick 
  Whole-grain pasta? Jarmere Jenkins 
  Seafood? Steven Eelkman Rooda
  Brown Rice? Philippe Oudshoorn  
  Broccoli?  Rob Issem

  Mangos? Brenda Schultz-McCarthy
  Tomatoes? Erin Vierra

  Watermelon? Hana Tomljanovic
  Milk? Alex Domijan
  Peaches? Mitchell Frank
Oranges? Andrés Pedroso
Salads? Maria Fuccillo
  Grapes? Alina Ackenbom
Spinach? Scott Brown
Whole Grains? Alanna Broderick

  Lean Meats? Jermaine Jenkins
  Sweet Onions? Brian Vahaly
  Cucumbers? Danielle Collins
  Beans? Emily Harman
  Beets? John Fried
  Bell Peppers? Rachel Pierson
  Green beans? Ryan Shane
  Radishes? Stephanie Nauta
  Cauliflower? Maci Epstein
  Cabbage? Marie Faure
  Seafood? (second edition) Jules Elbaba
  Balanced Meals? Dustin Taylor
  Apples? (second edition) Katja Wiersholm
  Nuts & Seeds? Henrik Wiersholm

More cards coming soon . . .


Good nutrition and lots of tennis and fitness activities are only part of the equation. If kids aren't getting enough sleep then all the attention to diet and exercise during the day can be undermined. A recently released study, which followed 1,900 kids from birth to age 13, says kids who don't get at least 10 hours have an 80% higher probability of becoming obese. The researchers also say naps during the day don’t offset the effect. They think a lack of nighttime sleep throws off key hormones that affect weight and metabolism. The study in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine was supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Why do tennis players . . . 

Like to sleep? Mac Styslinger              Study has linked lack of sleep as a child and obesity.
   Use Sunscreen? Boland brothers          American Academy of Dermatology encourages use of sunscreen
   Brush and floss? Treat Huey               A healthy mouth helps keep your body healthy!
   Like to read? Vivi Hui                         Tennis = exercise for your body. Reading = exercise for your brain!
   Warm up & cool down? Taylor Wingo    Help prevent soreness and injury
   Grow Tennis Ball Lettuce? Thomas Jefferson
   Have Good Manners? Matthew Rose
   Wear Sunglasses? Briana Boland
Check out our card-sized (4" x 6") Go Bananas! poster.

Printing of the Go Bananas! posters and cards is provided by UPrinting.com.





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