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Monday, June 24, 2024 
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Kids' QuickStart Tennis Clubs

Kids' QuickStart Tennis Clubs -- More Tennis! More FUN!

A Kids' QuickStart Tennis Club is an after-school or out-of-school program that allows kids to sample tennis through supervised play and FUN interactive activities. The program is a great way for kids to be introduced to tennis in a safe,open-play setting at schools, parks, youth centers and tennis facilities. No courts, no instruction required!

The "clubs" offer kids the opportunity to have FUN, gain confidence and make new friends, all while enhancing their social and physical development.

Register you Kids' Tennis Club here. By registering you will receive a Kids' Tennis Club Playbook from the USTA. 

Play Area
  • Tennis can be played anywhere, such as blacktops, gym floors, multi-purpose rooms and even on school fields
  • Use lightweight nets, makeshift nets or barriers
  • Use any net that can cover an 18´ to 20´ area
  • A lowered badminton or volleyball net can be used
  • You can improvise using plastic barrier tape, yellow caution tape or rope with streamers
  • Existing markings on floors (badminton and volleyball lines) can be utilized
  • Flat rubber lines, chalk or tape can be used for playing surfaces that are not marked 

Having the right equipment is key to ensuring success.

  • Obtain a minimum of 8-12 kid-sized racquets (21″ - 25″) and encourage kids to bring their own racquets
  • Obtain several foam and low-compression balls
USTA Kids' Tennis Club Playbook
  • Racquet and ball handling
  • Partner practice
  • Rally challenge
  • Fitness FUN
  • Invent a skill
  • Tennis games
  • Invent a game

Kids' Clubs can be run by parents, PE teachers, high school players or other community members. Kids' Clubs can be free or run at a nominal charge.



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