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Tuesday, October 3, 2023 
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The Hornets' N.E.S.T. at Henley Middle School

The Hornets N.E.S.T. at Henley Middle School

. . .  an edible garden, art studio and outdoor classroom

As part of the Grow Veggies for QuickStart! Initiative, QuickStart Tennis of Central Virginia is partnering with Henley Middle School to make the Hornets N.E.S.T. a reality. Henley Middle School has a large interior courtyard that is for the most part, barren, underutilized space. Due to its protected, interior location, the courtyard is the perfect site for a greenhouse, raised beds, bleacher seating, picnic tables, a pergola, murals and plenty of storage and shelving.

The name for the space reflects the cooperative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary nature of the project:

Henley teachers from a variety of disciplines have stepped up to participate in the design and creation of the Hornets' N.E.S.T.

Senior Project Leader
    Tessa Pehanick, Health & Physical Education Teacher
    Linda Miller, Art Teacher
    Kevin Murphy, Photography, Graphic Design & Journalism Teacher
    Leslie Kenner, Science Teacher
    Dana Stokes, Science Teacher
    Susan Guerrant, Environmental Club Coordinator/Librarian
    Margie Sheppard, Community Service Coordinator/Civics/Outdoor Club
    Lauren Meslar, Living Skills Teacher
    Randy Scott, Technology/Shop Teacher
    Melanie Dusci, Math Teacher
    Diana Pace, Resource/Math Teacher
    Kathy Verell, Resource/Special Education Teacher
    Heather Okano, Social Studies Teacher
Community Partners
    Brian Hartsock, Assistant Nursery Manager at Monticello's Center for Historic Plants at Tufton Farm
    T.E.A.L. Construction
    QuickStart Tennis of Central Virginia

The centerpiece of the Hornets N.E.S.T. will be a 10' x 16' lean-to greenhouse on the brick wall on the west side of the courtyard. The greenhouse will allow students to grow plants even during the coldest months. During the warmer months, vegetables and fruits will be planted outdoors in the six raised beds and three movable beds, and the space will come alive with activity. Art students will chronicle the vegetables and fruits from seed to harvest and help make the space visually pleasing with murals that will depict growing wholesome foods, physical activity and nutrition. Science students will enjoy a dynamic life science classroom. All 780 students at Henley will benefit from this hands-on learning experience.

Under construction -- Summer/Fall 2012

Hornets N.E.S.T. Mural

The Hornets N.E.S.T. is creating a real BUZZ at Henley! 



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